Community Church Polis is an international non-denominational Christian fellowship in the heart of this beautiful town in Cyprus. While the name may be new to you, our church actually has a long, wonderful history in the community. Let us explain .....

Community Church Polis is simply a new name for ‘The Upper Room’, a church which has been in existence for more than 14 years in Polis. It was founded by Michael Wright, along with his wife Elizabeth, who had followed God’s call to serve in Cyprus in July 1988. After serving in Limassol and Paphos, their ministry in Polis and surrounding villages started in 2002 out of a simple desire to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ with any who would hear in this part of the island.

Michael and Elizabeth, along with others, faithfully served this area in many ways, for many years, ultimately leading to the formation of the church that came to be known as ‘The Upper Room’. The term ‘upper room’ was taken from the Gospels and the book of Acts where the original disciples of Jesus met and where the church was historically ‘born’. Many people from different backgrounds came to faith in Christ and knew the Upper Room as their spiritual home on the island.

In 2016, after 28 years of ministry, Michael and Elizabeth felt their time in Cyprus was over and it was time to return to their home country of Northern Ireland. To keep a long story short, Michael reached out to the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Paphos with the invitation to continue the ministry of the church in Polis.

Over the course of several months, both churches in Paphos and Polis felt that it was the right decision and a smooth transition of leadership took place in April 2016. It was felt by all that the new time of ministry should be marked by a name change as well, which resulted in the name, ‘Calvary Chapel, Upper Room, Polis’. Yes, we know, it’s a mouthful. But, at that time the name reflected the blending of the original ministry with its new connection to the Calvary Chapel family of churches.

Recently, as we’re coming to the end of our second year in this new season as a church, we felt the need to re-connect with the town and surrounding villages. That has led to us reconsidering many aspects of who we are and what we’re doing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those living and working in Polis. Among other things, it was decided to simplify the name of the church. So, finally the name ‘Community Church Polis’ was agreed upon, in the hope that it would make super clear to everyone who we are and why we’re here.

Now it is our great joy to extend our invitation to you to join our church family under our new name, with the assurance that the name change does not change our mandate to share with you the love of God, which has been revealed to us through the Bible, in the life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to join us at Community Church Polis for worship, fellowship and teaching in the Christian faith.